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Advanced threat protection for Office365. Detect account takeover and spear phishing attacks with an Artificial Intelligent engine. Watch the video to learn more.

Email threat detection

AI Email Security Solution

Barracuda Sentinel™ is the newest solution in email threat protection. Sentinel’s AI engine sits in the Office 365 environment and stands guard against suspicious emails and dangerous hacking attempts.


Protection Against Account Takeover

Email account takeover is one of the hardest cyber threats to guard against. Sentinel’s AI discovers account takeover threats right away and removes them from your inbox. Account takeover protection is vital in email security. Cybercriminals are evolving and using complex strategies to hack into email accounts. Once inside, they can wreak all kinds of havoc.

Protection Against Spear Phishing

Spear phishing attacks are becoming more prevalent and increasingly more dangerous. These targeted email attacks often mimic users within your network and can be extremely deceptive, yet difficult to detect. Sentinel’s unique AI software discovers these attacks by tracking user communication patterns and builds user profiles upon those patterns. When unfamiliar account activity occurs, Sentinel detects it immediately and alerts you and other users.

Company-Wide Threat Protection

Protecting all email communication within your organization. It’s no secret that businesses are being targeted. Well-disguised threats can sneak past the email gateway, deceiving team members into a myriad of complex spear phishing scams. Using Artificial Intelligence, Barracuda Sentinel learns user communication patterns and detects any anomalies within that communication.

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Start your free trial today and discover threats already hiding in your inbox. Sentinel integrates easily into Office 365 with no need to rip and replace any of your current programs. Request a free trial and we’ll get you setup within minutes.

Why Advanced Threat Protection?

Spear phishing and account takeover often mirror existing communication and can be extremely difficult to differentiate. Over $12 billion in theft has been reported from spear phishing and account takeover. Surprisingly, malicious emails and cyber threats can be found in over 95% of Office 365 inboxes. Even with an email security gateway – threats can be found in your inboxes

Keeping Your Entire Organization Safe

Barracuda Sentinel is built for scale. Whether your organization consists of 500 users or 5,000 users – Sentinel is the perfect solution for keeping communication safe and secure company-wide. Sentinel acts as a simple add-on to your current system and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365.

"SSA got our team set up with email security. It was painless and has already proven worthy."

– Michael K.

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